Noho Manhattan natives, Chris Shao Studio LLC started its design journey in 2017 and is credited with bringing a refreshing nuance to the Interior Design scene. The studio’s designs are imbued with naturalistic and eclectic ambiance. Citing a guiding principle of Arts & Crafts pioneer William Morris, of “truth to materials” as a key influence, the design team offers an unfussy, free-spirited vision of contemporary design, that is considered, without being pretentious. This approach has unsurprisingly won the studio a legion of clients, who covert Chris Shao Studio’s distinctive work. 

The team at Chris Shao Studio have formed their base in New York City, each coming from a range of distinct and distant cultures. Asian, Latin American and Australian backgrounds influence a unique approach to design, however conform around the same design values of sophistication and exclusivity. Diversity has assisted the studio in accomplishing a strong but versatile identity that translates into every project, creating a unique and personal result for each client.