A man of culinary import

There were no barriers to the ambitions of a duo of Shenzhen restaurateurs, who flew in a US superstar chef with a consuming passion for fusion to helm their Napa-Cantonese startup, Li Yingxue reports. Three-Michelin-starred American chef Christopher Kostow didn't quite know what to expect from his first visit to Shenzhen, Guangdong province, last July.

When Napa Valley Cuisine Goes to China

"In every industry, people have their eyes on China," says chef Christopher Kostow. "Everyone wants to sell in China, everyone wants a Chinese audience. This is where everything is happening." Ambition aside, Kostow has learned that wanting to be in China and being ready for China are two distinctly different things.

3-Michelin-Star Restaurant at Meadowood Chef Opens $7 Million Project in China

Chinese megalopolis Shenzhen is getting a taste of Northern California luxury courtesy of chef Christopher Kostow, the force behind the three-Michelin-starred Restaurant at Meadowood. Kostow's new project, which follows his more casual St. Helena business, the Charter Oak, opens in Shenzhen this weekend.